Airbnb updates its iOS app to give you offline access to your messages and itineraries

Airbnb updates its iOS app to give you offline access to your messages and itineraries

Among some usability tweaks and bug fixes, Airbnb has announced an update to its iOS app which brings a new cool feature: offline access for messages and itineraries.

If you’ve had a back and forth with your host and don’t have access to 3G or WIFI, have no fear. You can now go back to them for reference.

During the handful of times that I’ve used the app, I’ve found it to be a little more than unstable. This update should do the trick.

Here’s the complete list of changes in this version:

• No more crashes! We’ve squished a lot of bugs and thoroughly streamlined the app.
• Access your messages and itineraries – offline. All of your conversations and reservation itineraries will be downloaded and stored on your device. You can access them even when you have spotty mobile coverage, or no internet connection at all.
• Say goodbye to annoying re-logins. Log in once with your email or directly through your Facebook account, and your login information will remain saved for as long as the app is installed. 
• Our push notifications are much more reliable. We’ve updated our servers so that you’ll never miss an important message again.

Its been a busy few weeks for Airbnb, as it announced its new Million Dollar Host Guarantee earlier in the week.

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