Roadninja adds gas prices to help you decide on which highway exit to take

Roadninja adds gas prices to help you decide on which highway exit to take

Last year we told you about a cool little iOS app powered by foursquare’s API called Roadninja. As you’re driving, the app lets you know which highway exits are coming up and what types of things are close to those exits.

If you’re on a pretty long ride, then you want to know things like where you can grab some grub, or more importantly, some gas.

The Roadninja app lets you customize which types of venues you can be alerted about, weighing your interests differently based on how you set it up. If you’re in the mood for a burger, then Roadninja will let you know when you’re at the closest exit to grab one.

A new update makes Roadninja even cooler, gas prices. With the introduction of live updates on gas pricing, you can choose which exit to take based on where you can get the cheapest fuel. It’s pretty sweet:

If you fancy a particular gas station, like Chevron, then you can be alerted when you’re close to one:

So when you’re in the car on that next trip, make sure you have Roadninja by your side so you don’t have to worry about missing those hidden signs.

Roadninja for iOS

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