Russia’s Twitter rival Futubra unleashes mobile apps

Russia’s Twitter rival Futubra unleashes mobile apps

The Russian answer to Twitter, Futubra, just stepped up its game with the release of apps for iOS, Windows Phone and Android.

Using Futubra without being able to read Cyrillic is a bit tricky. On a desktop or laptop browser, you can rely on Google translate in chrome to help you along, on the mobile this won’t work. So, for now, best for those who can read the content to enjoy the mobile apps.

The interface for the apps is still nice and bright, with neon coloured icons show you where to upload images or follow updates.

The apps also reflect the original aim of the site: to support multimedia posts in full. While Twitter displays lines and links, the Futubra apps show whole photos. Initially this seemed to take up a lot of space, but as social media users are becoming more accustomed to photo apps like Instagram and Cinemagram showing off images in a stream, Futubra seems to have bet on the right form for a more interesting mobile experience.

The service has barely rested since its launch in January. To go with the apps and general support for new users, there is also a widget for browsers so people can add interesting images and links straight into their stream from the page.

With the rate of these functions appearing on the service, it looks as though this service is really pushing to be the microblogging service of choice for Cyrillic readers. If it’s audience grows at the rate of its enhancements, then the future for Futubra is going to be as bright as its original sunflower backdrop.

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