Juggle launches to help the UK public ‘get things done’ ahead of imminent arrival of TaskRabbit

Juggle launches to help the UK public ‘get things done’ ahead of imminent arrival of TaskRabbit ...

If you find yourself wondering where time goes and wishing you could have a few extra hours in the day to get things done, then the Juggle app from LetsAllShare could be what you are looking for.

Launched in time to defend the UK shores from the imminent arrival of TaskRabbit, Juggle is a real-time market place for local tasks so you can get qualified people (called Jugglers in the app) to get things done for you when you’re unable to do them yourself.

There are plenty of things the Jugglers can do for you from fetching your lunch, mowing the lawn, feeding the cat, doing a grocery run or collecting dry cleaning. Users download the app and register to post a task that needs to be done. Then set a budget and deadline to make the task live and see people bid on the task.

Once you have picked a Juggler to do your bidding, you can then liaise with them to arrange completion and payment within the app.

 As you can see from the screen caps, if you are looking for something to do, then there’s a handy map to spot things that might be near by and a bit easier to complete.

Verified Jugglers

The app makers hope to ensure that things actually get done by verifying its users. Verified Jugglers get an icon for others to see and when bidding on tasks are more likely to win.

Users who request verification get a welcome pack and verification code via snail mail. All information for verification remains confidential.

The service was founded by two London professionals – Stas Murzynowski and David Marrinan-Hayes – to solve some problems they had observed themselves. Marrinan-Hayes says “Most people I know are too busy to do everything that needs to be done. I even lost my own moped because I was too busy to pick it up from the garage, so we wanted to create a service that would allow people to outsource some of the things they just don’t have time to do.”

If you’re good with delegation or run off your feet, this is not a bad idea. Everyone finds themselves in a tight spot now and then where friends and family might not be around to help, this app should provide more options for people who turn overextension into an art.

The service is available for iOS devices at the moment, with an iPad-optimized version, Android and an online version coming soon.


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