Bieberized: Justin Bieber joins social video sharing app Viddy

Bieberized: Justin Bieber joins social video sharing app Viddy

There’s no doubt about it, celebrities drive interest and usage on the web. One of the biggest celebrities on Twitter, Justin Bieber, has joined another hot service: Viddy.

Whether you’re a Bieber fan or not, you have to respect the fact that someone with the size and type of following that he has is a huge grab for a service like Viddy. Bieber anecdotally asked Instagram for some kickbacks for joining its service, and Instagram declined. He joined anyway.

With over 21M followers on Twitter, this is a guy with serious influence, especially when it comes to teenage girls. He’s putting it to use now for Viddy:

Here’s Bieber’s first video on the service, and he already has 4,743 followers:

We’ve noted before that the ability to bring celebs like Snoop Dogg and T-Pain has been a huge advantage for Viddy, and this has been its tactic from day one.

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