Easy Calendar: A simple iOS app for planning your weeks in just a few ‘taps’

Easy Calendar: A simple iOS app for planning your weeks in just a few ‘taps’

If you like stripped down apps that help you organize your life, we’ve previously written about the likes of Short Calendar, a simple Web app to share your plans for the week. And now a pretty neat iOS calendar app has hit our radar, having just rolled out version 2.0.

Easy Calendar was developed by Netherlands-based Tom van Zummeren, Jim van Zummeren and Jos Jong, launching initially in March 2011. The $0.99 (€0.79/£0.69) app (special introductory 50% discount price) integrates with all native iPhone calendar events, and synchronizes with iCloud, MobileMe, Outlook, Google Calendar and other CalDAV calendars using built-in iOS features.

Whilst there are no shortage of calendar apps out there, Easy Calendar is actually a really nice, simple app to use and it sells itself on the ease at which you can create new calendar events. For example, you can create a new entry in 3 taps, and edit an existing one in 2.

“Although there already were many calendar apps, we concluded that most require too many taps for basic day-to-day tasks,” say the developers. “The cooperative design follows the 80/20 rule: simplicity at its core, but with an opportunity to access advanced features when required.”

With its latest release, Easy Calendar has included some additions to the app’s feature set. For example, a continuous-scrolling three weeks landscape view has been introduced, and users can now create and edit their own calendars and quickly change the calendar that an event is attributed to.

The update also has a half-year calendar to plan longer events, like holidays and vacations.

“Researching why and how people use a month view in other calendar apps inspired us to create something we think makes a lot more sense: a three weeks landscape view,” says co-creator Jong. “It shows you all the event details instead of the typical dots in month views that can only tell you so much. And with its continuous scroll you can browse through time faster than we have ever seen before.”

Easy Calendar also supports alarms, and is available in English, Spanish, German, French, and Dutch.

Meanwhile, if you like simplicity, you may also wish to check out Invy, and event planner app lets you pick a date with friends and family.

Easy Calendar

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