T-Mobile USA officially launches a pay-as-you-go refill app for Android devices

T-Mobile USA officially launches a pay-as-you-go refill app for Android devices

T-Mobile USA has announced a partnership with electronics payments provider Vesta, as it officially rolls out the T-Mobile Refill Android app, which lets pay-as-you-go customers top-up their credit directly through their Android device.

Launched on Google Play quietly a few weeks ago, T-Mobile Refill allows consumers to initiate a one-time refill, or alternatively sign-up for ‘Auto Refill’ by customizing the payment amount, frequency and start date.

T-Mobile USA is the US wireless operation of Deutsche Telekom AG. By the end of the fourth quarter last year, around 129 million customers were served by the various mobile communication segments of the Deutsche Telekom group — 33.2 million by T-Mobile USA.

“With the number of smartphones on prepaid plans increasing dramatically, prepaid customers want a fast and easy way to refill their service so they can stay connected,” says Mike Katz, vice president, prepaid marketing, T-Mobile USA. “The T-Mobile Refill application offers a convenient way for customers to quickly refill their monthly or pay as you go service, ensuring they have consistent access to data and our 4G network.”

In addition to one-time refills and auto refill enrollment, the T-Mobile Refill app also supports gifting to other T-Mobile prepaid customers. Gift recipient names and numbers can be saved within the app to enable repeat purchases.

Vesta has established long-term partnerships with a number of telecommunications and financial companies since it was founded in 1995, including AT&T, China Mobile, China Telecom, Cricket Communications, Digicel, O2 (Telefonica), Sprint, T-Mobile USA, Telcel, Verizon, Vodafone, Bank of China, Bank of Ireland, Chase Paymentech, Green Dot, and NetSpend.

T-Mobile Refill

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