Tired of hippy Gmail? Get yourself a spammy, expensive @RonaldReagan.com account!

Tired of hippy Gmail? Get yourself a spammy, expensive @RonaldReagan.com account!

This is the sort of story that hits your inbox, and you just know it’s going to be amazing. And I was right, this is hilarious.

In the days of Gmail offering you 10 gigabytes of free storage, and Google proper providing a suite of products that work with Gmail to give you a tidy, powerful digital life, to compete is difficult. So, obviously, the way to combat all that would be to create a new email service that’s expensive, less featured, spammy by nature, and hard to sign up for, right?

Yes. From their email to me:

Dear Conservative Friend,

As you know companies like Google, Yahoo, Hotmail and many others offer free email. Well, its time for a Conservative company to offer the same! You don’t have to pay for basic email!

Now have a Conservative alternative to free email: RonaldReagan.com.

You can get a FREE email account or upgrade to a paid account with more options. Your choice!

Plus, you will be proud to have your name associated with the greatest President, Ronald Reagan.

This is epic. Now, to the service itself. If you want to see how ugly their site is, head here. But if you just want to laugh at its pricing scheme, well, here you go:

Wow, less than Gmail and I get to pay for it? Excellent! Now, the Pièce de résistance, the sign up menu:

Holy check! That’s quite the list. Of course, myself and TNW’s Drew Olanoff tried to spoof our way past the system, but the damn thing wouldn’t let us. From my personal set of rejection notices:

That’s quite the ‘no,’ isn’t it?

What the hell is going on? I don’t know, but it appears that a bunch of yahoos snagged RonalReagan.com (the real Reagan links are here, and here), and are using the dead man’s name to make a buck. It’s a bit scummy, I think, to grift on a dead man’s legacy.

But yeah, this exists. Get some?

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