This Hacker News iOS app is very reminiscent of Instapaper, and it rocks

This Hacker News iOS app is very reminiscent of Instapaper, and it rocks

If you pay any attention to technology and all and are trying to keep up on the latest trends, it’s likely that you check out Hacker News once in a while. It’s a service provided by Y Combinator and lets people submit news and vote on what’s interesting.

Yeah, it’s kind of like Digg, but geekier.

Currently, there are a few ways to get your Hacker News fix. You can visit the website, or try one of its many unofficial apps. A new app for iOS called Hacker News ★ is one of the better HN apps I’ve seen, and if you’re a fan of Instapaper, you’re going to love it.

For a mere $.99 you’ll be able to read all of the hot Hacker News as well as see all of the items being submitted in real-time. The design is very simple and is very easy on the eyes, which you’ll understand if you read a lot of news on your iPhone like I do:

Here’s a full rundown of all of its features, which includes the ability to read articles offline:

– Quickly preview submission
– Offline Caching
– Unclutter Articles via Clear Read API (similar to Readability)
– Post to Twitter
– Email Article
– Post to Facebook
– Send Articles to Instapaper
– Gorgeous reading experience in portrait & landscape orientation
– Font resizing
– Very light mobile data footprint (i.e. Fast)
– Optimized comment view in landscape
– Dictionary

If you’re looking for a new way to get your Hacker News reading on, then Hacker News ★ is definitely for you. The $.99 price tag is definitely worth it, and it will be interesting to see if any other features, like the ability to submit stories, are added in the future.

Hacker News ★ for iOS

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