Portfolio Pro for iPad: The perfect way to store and display your photo and video portfolios on the go

Portfolio Pro for iPad: The perfect way to store and display your photo and video portfolios on the go ...

It’s been said a lot – the iPad is the ideal accompaniment for photographers, and a new app, Portfolio Pro for iPad, courtesy of UK-based Nick Kuh just made it even better.

The app, which will set you back $9.99, makes it easy to create multiple portfolios to take with you on the go, by importing images from your iPad photo library, or from online accounts, Flickr and Dropbox.

In addition to importing images, Portfolio Pro also supports several video formats – specifically MOVs, MP4s and M4Vs, making it a great option not only for photographers, designers and artists, but it can also come in handy for videographers looking for a way to showcase their work on the iPad.

When you first use the app it takes a minute to get oriented and figure out how everything works, but once you get the hang of it, it’s easy to use.

The app has two main windows – a slideshow of photos which is displayed when you first launch the app and a second window featuring all of your photo galleries.

Triple tapping the screen toggles you in and out of editing mode on both screens. To add images to both the homescreen slideshow and the galleries, you have to triple tap the screen, and import photos from Dropbox, Flickr or your iPad, into the app.

You can also add a logo or a photo of yourself, and a link to your website to boot.

You can import entire sets or folders in one go, or selectively import images. Importing photos from Flickr and Dropbox is flawless, but when importing from the iPad itself, the feature tends to be a little buggy. Images in folders were duplicated, or simply didn’t appear at all. In our experience, importing local galleries usually meant that we’d end up with just two images in our Portfolio Pro gallery.

When it comes to individual galleries, you can triple tap the screen to edit photo titles and descriptions, drag and drop images to rearrange their order and add more images. Clients can flip through gallery images by simply swiping the screen.

Another really handy feature is the ability to hide galleries so if you have various styles of work, you can keep them all on your iPad, but when you’re with clients, display only the galleries that you need.

Once you’ve put in a little bit of effort, importing all of your best work into the app, you’ll have a gorgeously laid out portfolio to carry around with you every where you go. Best of all, the app works offline, meaning you can use it in client meetings, without having to worry about an Internet connection.

Portfolio Pro is pretty customizable, and comes with quite an extensive list of settings. It comes with several different themes, and you can can also change the font and app colours to suit your own personal taste.

The slideshow comes with a several different scaling options, and you can choose to toggle video audio on and off from the settings. If you aren’t a fan of the white frame around images, you can toggle that off in the settings as well, which we definitely think looks much better.

If you use a camera connection with your iPad, you can take your photos straight from your camera, work on them with a great photo-editing app like Snapseed, and display the finished product in Portfolio Pro without ever needing to touch a computer at all.

Portfolio Pro is a slick, professional and useful app, definitely worth adding to any photographer, designer or videographer’s arsenal of iPad tools, provided you’re willing to shell out $10 for it.

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