Amazon Cloud Drive arrives on the desktop with new apps for Mac and Windows

Amazon Cloud Drive arrives on the desktop with new apps for Mac and Windows

Amazon has just released a desktop app for its Cloud Drive service, which previously required a work-around to achieve desktop accessibility. Now, users are no longer limited to the web interface, though it’s important to note that the app is little more than a navigation bar icon like you’d find in Cloud App and requires Java for Mac. The similarities between Cloud App and Cloud Drive are actually quite remarkable, and likely not a coincidence.

As anyone entrenched in the tech world today knows, all of the big players are racing to provide cloud storage for everyday consumers, and now Amazon’s own Cloud Drive has an app to push its competitiveness against the likes of Google, Dropbox and more.

Amazon Cloud Drive (shown to the right of Cloud App) offers basic functionality with uploads and a link to the Web app.

From Amazon:

Quickly Access Cloud Drive From Your Computer

*Easily upload your photos, documents, videos and other files

*Drag and drop files and folders to the Cloud Drive icon

*Right-click any file or folder and send to Amazon Cloud Drive

*Easy download of one or more files and folders from Cloud Drive

*Uploads and downloads run in the background

*Continue using your computer as you normally would, the app can handle restarts and lost internet connections without losing your data

*You can pause and resume at any time

If you weren’t already familiar with Amazon Cloud Drive, know that its most popular feature appears to be its music streaming functionality, which essentially allows users to upload music and stream it from nearly any connected device through the Web app. Paid memberships also include unlimited space for music, which is quite impressive.

Music streaming aside, the service is pretty run-of-the-mill, with a decent 5 gig storage limit. The apps likely won’t sway a ton of new users, but they are still a nice addition for anyone already hooked on the service.

➤ Amazon Cloud Drive, desktop app for mac/windows

*Hat tip to Brian Reiter

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