Tweetbot 2.3 update adds Storify integration, new views, gestures and more

Tweetbot 2.3 update adds Storify integration, new views, gestures and more

Perhaps the best iOS Twitter clients available on the App Store today, Tweetbot has been given an impressive new update that will bring new views, gestures and features, maximising what users can do from their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

Those updating Tweetbot today will see that its developers — Tapbots — have overhauled the tweet detail view, adding inline conversations and replies, also adding new gestures to take the users back to the timeline.

A new conversation view now displays both conversation and replies, but now come with Storify support, meaning that if a particular Tweet exchange needs to be shared, it can be exported to Storify for sharing with a wider audience — and believe us when we say that it’s an awesome feature. You can read a walkthrough on Storify itself.


Tweetbot 2.3 now allows users to block retweets from specific users, includes Droplr functionality, marks video previews with a new ‘play’ icon (with added Vimeo support) and the tweet drawer is now a little more organised.

If that wasn’t enough, higher-resolution images can be uploaded on Wi-Fi connections and holding down the compose button will automatically populate your last draft tweet (great if an earlier tweet wasn’t sent).

For those that have already downloaded Tweetbot, the update is of course free. For those who have yet to try it, it’s well worth a download at $2.99.

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