Folloyu uses QR codes to take your browsing experience from desktop to mobile in seconds

Folloyu uses QR codes to take your browsing experience from desktop to mobile in seconds

With services like Pocket and Instapaper making it easy to save online content for later reading, Folloyu offers a different approach to letting you take online content with you.

Instead of saving a post or article to read later, Folloyu, one of The Next Web’s Startup Rally finalists makes it easy to take the entire site from computer to mobile, and vice versa.

So how does it work? The Israel-based service offers its users ‘continuous browsing’, so if you’re reading something on your laptop, if you have Folloyu installed on your browser, you can easily switch to your phone. Folloyu sets itself apart from services like Pocket by offering far more than just a ‘read-it-later’ service. In addition to continuing to read an interesting article, you can keep watching videos, keep playing games, or keep shopping.

Founder Alfred Shaffir,  explains how Folloyu came about, “The idea of Folloyu was a result of me forfeiting a game of online chess, because I had to leave the PC I was playing it on. So, I thought about creating a user experience where I can switch to a different device and continue doing what ever I’ve been doing online from the exact same place.”

Folloyu users can install a Firefox add-on or Chrome extension to gain access to continuous browsing on any site, but it’s not just end-users who can take advantage of the service. Content creators can install a Folloyu QR code on their sites, encouraging their audience to take the site with them, wherever they go.

If you have an first-generation iPad or don’t want to download a QR code scanner on your phone or tablet, you can alternatively just email yourself using the extension.

Shaffir adds, “Folloyu is a service for website owners, of any kind: publishers, online retailers, online game developers, streaming movie businesses, and more, as a tool that adds “cross device stickiness” to their website, thus reduces abandonment and increasing conversion rates.”

If you’re shopping online, you can easily take the e-commerce experience from browser to mobile in seconds. Game developers can make it easy for their audience to play a game in their browser, or continue the game on their smartphone. Video sharing sites like YouTube and Vimeo could create a direct link between browser-based and mobile-based watching.

Want to find out more about Follyu? Check out the video below, and try the service for yourself on the Folloyu website.

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