Crowdsourced app development platform SellanApp opens pre-registration for its private beta

Crowdsourced app development platform SellanApp opens pre-registration for its private beta

Stepping up to face the panel of experts at The Next Web Conference‘s Startup Rally today is Amsterdam-based SellanApp, a platform that lets you produce, fund and promote your own apps.

SellanApp started when founder Aernoud Dekker started to learn programming for iOS. Before long he was approached by a number of people who had ‘an app idea’ asking him to develop it for them and to then share the revenue.

Dekker says, “Some ideas where great but I didn’t want to start a career as a full time iOS programmer.” What he did see was an opportunity for creating a platform to match app ideas, funds and developers.

SellanApp works a bit like an auction. People can add their ideas and a mock up of their app and data and others in the community can then stump up funds support it. On the other side of this, a global team of accredited developers looks over the proposed apps and how much money they have raised.

The developers who are on board with SellanApp can then snap up the apps that they like when they see them or work on them when the money raised will pay to create it.

People can dress their app profile with all sorts of details about purpose and origin, as well as adding images with their mockup and even a video to explain it all further. The system is designed to get apps made in a dynamic environment and at a fair price.

SellanApp will go ‘live’ for a private beta program soon after the conference. Already thousands have pre-subscribed following the company’s first announcement in August.

Hands on

The Next Web Conference visitors will be able to subscribe for the private beta program. Dekker says, “Everyone who subscribes during the conference will be invited for our public beta program.”

It’s all go for this startup, as the SellanApp iPad app has been submitted to the Apple App Store. It’s an advanced prototyping tool which anybody can use to mock-up their idea.  Visitors to the conference can play with the iPad tool at the company’s startup table and the Web platform will also be available.

Dekker says, “We created SellanApp because we believe that the most creative app ideas will emerge from those not having the resources, be it programming skills or funds, to make their dream into an app store reality. There is huge potential there that we can tap into.”

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You can check out the inspiration and tone of SellanApp in the company video below:

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