Zapstreak: The ‘Airplay for Android’ mobile SDK launches in private beta

Zapstreak: The ‘Airplay for Android’ mobile SDK launches in private beta

What started as an app idea by founders Stefan Bielau, Matt Rutkowski and Patryk Zabicki, transformed into Zapstreak, a dedicated solution for developers with the hopes of changing the TV experience at home.

Now, on the stage at TNW 2012, Zapstreak is officially launching its mobile SDK for Android developers in private beta. This SDK creates an Airplay experience on Android without the need for any additional hardware.

After embedding Zapstreak into a media app, users can push music streams, videos and images to a connected TV, adding what the team calls “a completely new dimension to the viewing experience at home.”

Now, iOS users may not see this as special, but Android fans already know that a perfect Airplay counterpart has yet to arrive on the OS. Sure, there have been attempts like doubleTwist, HTC Mirror Mode, Airtight, Samsung SwipeIt and more, but if Zapstreak is successful, an Android-wide solution may soon be at every app developer’s fingertips.

If you’re interested in joining the private beta, you can sign via the link below. Also, if you’re dying to see exactly what is possible with this SDK, you should check out Shortbeam in Google Play, Zapstreak’s showcase app.

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