Torbit Insight: A free tool that lets you see load times for every user on your website

Torbit Insight: A free tool that lets you see load times for every user on your website

If you run a website then chances are that you are familiar with how important the loading times are to keeping visitors on your pages. But there aren’t very reliable ways to see exactly what load times mean as far as conversions go, and that’s where Torbit Insight is about to make your day.

Torbit is a suite of services that optimizes the front-end of your website in order to make it faster. But simply making it faster only tells you half of the story. Torbit Insight should fill in the blanks by giving you a real user measurement of how fast your site is loading. With Insight, you should be able to get a granular view of what’s slowing down your site, why it happens and who’s clicking the back button because of it.

But what about features, you ask? Well here you go:

  • Real time data reporting and live map view
  • Histogram of user load times including key metrics like your median and top percentiles
  • Performance metrics on your best and worst performing pages with customize
  • Suggestions on how to make them faster
  • Performance reports across different browsers and geographies
  • Correlate your website speed to core business metrics like bounce rate, conversion rate and revenue

With simple-to-understand graphs and data that website owners should actually be able to use, Torbit Insight is positioned to be a gateway drug of sorts toward Torbit’s paid product, Site Optimizer. Founded by two TechStars alums, Torbit is a direct competitor to CloudFlare, the company that I’ve written about here on TNW numerous times before. It’s an interesting move from the company, and we’ll be paying close attention to how Insight helps site owners solve their speed problems.

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