Flickr gets a new slick HTML5 uploader, supporting files up to 50 MB

Flickr gets a new slick HTML5 uploader, supporting files up to 50 MB

Flickr is making a pretty slick move today, revamping its native uploader with an HTML5 interface, increased maximum file sizes and a speed boost. Oh, and the site is promising that it’s just the beginning.

Now when you use the Flickr uploader, you’ll notice that you can do preview thumbnails, and there’s a drag & drop interface so that you can make sure that your photo sets are just right before they become visible to the world. Zooming and rotation are also supported, thanks to the HTML5 format.

But it’s not just the visual side of things. Flickr tells us that you can also upload larger files with the new tool. The maximum file size gets a bump up to 50 MB for Flickr Pro users, and free users can go up to 30 MB. Adding files is also easier, as you can simply drag and drop into the interface.

The new Flickr uploader also lets you tag photos directly, before they’re published. So now you have a chance to tag your friends, add descriptions and tell the story before the photo goes live.

Though we’ve not had a chance to use the uploader ourselves, Flickr is relaying that it has gotten a speed boost too. On average users will see 20-30% faster upload times, and International users could see up to 60% faster speeds.

If you don’t have the new uploader available to you just yet, don’t worry, it should be coming soon. Right now it supports Chrome, Safari and Firefox, but the next couple of weeks should see increased support and the uploader should be into the hands of more users.

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