#Rankable: Rank things on Twitter and this Web app keeps the score

#Rankable: Rank things on Twitter and this Web app keeps the score

It’s human nature to have opinions, but somehow the Internet manages to magnify that on a dinosauric scale. Now, with all our loud voices bouncing around on Twitter, there’s a new way to keep track of public opinion with a simple hashtag. The service in question? #Rankable.

After deciding what you want to rank, hashtag the subject and add your score. Here’s an example:

As you can see, I have ranked gummy bears, and you can see the overall results below:

The embeddable widget is particularly useful, given that it’s ridiculously easy to make and allows anyone to host a social vote on their site. From #Rankable:

At #Rankable we’re all about crowdsourcing info, ideas & opinions. From bands to bridal magazines, restaurants to rock formations, movies to magic tricks.

You rank things, we keep score.

You can find new polling tools all over the Web, but something about the direction of this site makes it feel much more useful. It’s clean, quick and is certainly worth checking out.

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