America’s Pastime: MLB at Bat 2012 app hits 3M downloads with 800K daily average live streams

America’s Pastime: MLB at Bat 2012 app hits 3M downloads with 800K daily average live streams

The excellent MLB at Bat 2012 app has hit 3M downloads just 8 days into the regular season, clocking a peak of 1M live streams a day yesterday. The app has delivered 800,000 average live streams of audio and video content since opening day.

That means that the app hit 3M downloads 137 days faster than it did last season, when it took until August 22 to get there. The new app’s average live streams have also doubled since last year’s 400k-a-day mark.

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The MLB mentions that the app has been ranked as the highest grossing sports application for 43 consecutive days on Android and 70 days combined on iPhone and iPad, including the past 19 straight for both iOS devices. This ranking is matched only by March Madness Live.

We loved the MLB app when we reviewed it back in February and it’s only gotten better since it launched its regular season edition. To quote our review:

If you’re not familiar with the At Bat App, then you don’t know just how great a job the team has been doing over the past couple of years. Since the app launched in 2008, it’s been the gold standard for sports apps. Really, anything from the NFL, NBA or NHL pales in comparison to the level of detail at work in the flagship MLB app.

The app is offered as a free download, with a $14.99 yearly subscription that gets you all the bells and whistles like pitch-by-pitch, Game Day Audio, live look-ins and more. If you have a $119-a-year subscription, you also get live video streams of the games.

If only the other sports leagues could get their act together and offer such a simple, beautiful place to watch streams and experience their game.

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