MymCart builds you a mobile-optimized Web store in minutes

MymCart builds you a mobile-optimized Web store in minutes

While we’ve seen plenty of startups offer quick and easy ways to convert content from websites into a mobile-friendly form, there hasn’t been quite the same rush with mobile commerce. Now MymCart is offering a quick, easy, low-cost solution for any business that wants to sell its goods via a mobile-optimized website.

The idea’s simple; submit details of your stock inventory and MymCart processes it, giving you a mobile retail site in minutes. The approach is template-based, meaning that the sites all look similar, but when you just want the ability to offer items on your website and let customers buy them from their phones, that’s not necessarily a problem.

Function is more important than style once you get to the buying stage, and Mymcart certainly seems to have that part largely nailed. For large inventories, there can sometimes be a problem with an unweildy, log list of text-based categories, but founder and Managing Director, Mark Kuhillow says that this is being worked on. Payments from the stores are handled by PayPal, which allows for debit and credit cards in addition to PayPal accounts.


The key thing here is price. While you could pay through the nose for a bespoke mobile commerce site, MymCart gets you going for just £35 ($56 USD) per month after an initial set-up fee, whether you’re a mom-and-pop store or a retail giant. Small-to-medium size businesses are where the company is setting its sights though.

The Manchester-based startup currently has around 200 installations up and running, and it’s working with affiliate networks to attract as many businesses as possible to its platform. Kuhillow admits that he has a small window of opportunity to grow this business, predicting a rush of competing services as ‘m-commerce’ becomes a bigger focus for all retailers. MobiCart, another UK startup, offers a similar service.

MymCart is backed by £475,000 ($753,700 USD) in initial funding from the North East Technology Fund and a group of angel investors.


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