Tweetbot updated with iCloud sync for Timelines and DMs, YouTube previews and more

Tweetbot updated with iCloud sync for Timelines and DMs, YouTube previews and more

Tweetbot for iPhone and iPad has gotten a nice update with iCloud sync for Timeline, DM, mute statuses and more. Previously, the Twitter client only had support for the Tweet Marker syncing service, but has added Apple’s official iCloud sync as an option.

This gives it the ability to sync other data besides timeline location. This includes Direct Message read states and mute filters. Remember that iCloud sync will only work between different editions of Tweetbot, not across to other clients on the Mac or iOS devices. That’s one of the perks of Tweet Marker. But the additional data that iCloud has access to allows for more information to be synced. Honestly the DM syncing is enough to warrant the update on its own, I’m constantly swapping back and forth between iPhone and iPad versions of Tweetbot and I hate cleaning up all of my ‘read’ statuses before I can use it.

Currently, the iCloud sync takes a few moments before it triggers, but never more than 10-15 seconds. I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks and its generally seamless. Especially if you’ve used either version in the last few minutes, as it will pull the statuses live. I don’t really use mute filters much myself, but if you’re into that, those sync as well.

Another cool new feature is the inline App Store previews, which provide a thumbnail image of an app’s icon. Very cool. Tapping on the thumbnail will launch you right into the App Store.

Other improvements include thumbnail previews for YouTube videos shared over Twitter and the ability to pinch an image to close it, rather than just tapping outside of it. All in all a worthy upgrade for Tweetbot and a great implementation of iCloud sync that should stand as a benchmark for other apps looking to use the service as well.

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