Work from home on your iOS device, with iSimplyConnect

Work from home on your iOS device, with iSimplyConnect

With more companies exploring the idea of a virtual work force or working from home, it is unsurprising that virtual private network (VPN) service providers are also stepping up their game.

Today, Asavie Technologies, which provides on-demand solutions for the secure exchange of information between people, applications and devices, launched iSimplyConnect, a software-as-a-service remote access VPN for iOS devices. So not only can you work form home, you can do so on your iPad if you choose to.

The system is what you might expect, a way for people to get into their work network from an Apple iPad or other device. For project managers this means that they can control network access for specific projects to individual employees and freelancers anywhere in the world. For the employees the service is easy to set up with only three steps to get the show on the road.

With construction companies and other work where being away from a desk is key, this provides a simple way to connect securely. It’s a price conscious way for smaller business to let home-workers connect too, a bonus when small firms are looking to avoid the costs of work spaces or an office.

Ralph Shaw, CEO of Asavie Technologies is pleased with the launch and the possibilities for its application.

“We recognized the iOS tablet as a real game-changer for today’s employee. Why should the remote worker carry a heavy laptop everywhere when their own iPad has, with a little help – the potential to provide access to all the same information? “Today, employees aren’t asking, they’re demanding full access to their applications, intranet and the ability to work from thousands of miles away. Today’s companies need an easily adaptable, secure, cost effective way to meet those demands – and that, my friends, is where iSimplyConnect comes in.”

Organizations, technical teams, iOS users and executive management using iSimplyConnect gain an Internet protocol security (IPSec) VPN with on-demand access to their network protected by digital certificates. Allowing access on the users own device also cuts the cost of buying new hardware, iPhone and iPad users can launch the service without compromising an organization’s firewall. The service accesses the live network rather than a copy or offline cache.

iSimplyConnect is a subscription service and access is unlimited with no user restrictions. There is also 24 hour support and a selection of pricing options so that businesses can choose the most suitable plan. There’s a free trial on the company’s site where managers can decide if it’s something they might like to offer their employees.


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