Let’s get ready for April 1st by playing: “April Fools’ Day prank or real app?”

Let’s get ready for April 1st by playing: “April Fools’ Day prank or real app?” ...

It’s that time of year again, April Fools’ Day. Every time the first day of April finds its way to our calendar there are a people ready to fool us with goofy pranks. Big companies take part in this annual custom as well, as shown by Google’s 8-Bit Maps “release” today.

As more people create off-the-wall apps, it’s difficult to figure out what’s real and what’s not. I decided that it’d be fun to play a game called “April Fools’ or App?”. I’m going to give you descriptions of things that may or may not be real apps and at the end, I’ll give you the correct answers. Don’t cheat though.

1. The world’s first wiki for recording and accessing bathroom information globally. All of our toilet finder content is added by YOU, our loyal users. We currently have 65,097 toilets worldwide and we need your help in growing that. Join the movement!

2. The hot new way to meet eligible singles. Whether you’re interested in meeting that special someone or just want to get your toner low, this is the site for you. Sign up today and we’ll fax you the profile of a random stranger. Deuces wild!

3. Download now and sign up to automatically check-in to all of the same places that your friends do on Foursquare. It’s a great way to freak people out or just make it seem like you leave the house. Imagine the response you get from people when they see that you’re tweeting from the same bar as them but you’re not even there!

4. Is finding a pal for your pooch no walk in the park? Are you tired of the dog-eat-dog world of canine courtship? Or is matching a mate for your mutt a dog’s life? If your dog is looking for a date, a friend or even a new BFF, then we can help you find the perfect chum for your dog or bitch.

5. This is the first cooking site based solely around butter. People get excited by bacon and we’re sick of it, because everything is really really better with butter. Submit your favorite recipes, take pictures of your creations, or just hang out and talk about the nations new sensation….butter!

So now that you’ve read the five options, you are now to find out which one of these are real apps and which ones are just pranks for fools on April 1st. Honestly, all of these things would make pretty good apps, dontcha think?


April Fools’ Day prank or real app?

1. It’s real and it’s called SitOrSquat.

2. It’s real…I think. It’s called Down To Fax.

3. You fool, that one’s fake.

4. It’s real, and it’s called Doggie Dating.

5. Fake, but if you make it, I want a cut of the action.

So there you have it. It’s a jungle out there folks, so keep your guard up on April 1st, because you’re going to see some pretty believable things that just aren’t real. I was pretty bummed to find out that Virgin Volcanic isn’t really happening, sounded pretty hot to me.

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