Social TV app Zeebox updated to add channel customization, show reminders and more

Social TV app Zeebox updated to add channel customization, show reminders and more

TV companion application Zeebox has received an update and has gone live on the App Store, bringing with it more comprehensive programme guides, channel managements, reminders and a whole host of social watching features that make watching TV a whole lot more social.

Previously listing programmes over the course of the day, Zeebox now delivers a full 7-day programme guide, allowing users to sort, favourite and edit their channels list, so they can see what’s on at-a-glance and select the shows they want to watch.

With a more detailed TV schedule, Zeebox now lets users ‘Book to Watch’ shows. This will remind the user when a programme is about to start and can be set by browsing the timeline at the top of the app, selecting which one they want to be reminded to watch, and a small notification will pop-up letting them know it has been set.

Zeebox has built upon its social connections to add push notifications, alerting friends and family that they are watching a particular show and inviting them to watch it with them.


If that wasn’t enough, Zeebox now comes with high resolution graphics for the Retina display on the new iPad, along with performance improvements. That adds to the support for Sony, Samsung or Panasonic smart TVs and also Virgin’s TiVo box, setting up the app as a mini remote control that can be used to control TVs and record programmes.

An Android app is also in the works and is tipped to launch soon.

The app saw more than 15,000 new sign-ups every hour following the launch of a new TV advertising campaign earlier in the month, thanks to its partnership with BSkyB. The company is looking to embed its technology in new digital TVs and bring more social activity to our televisions, inviting users to co-watch television programmes regardless of their location.


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