Fotopedia serves up its billionth photo, updates apps with Retina Display support

Fotopedia serves up its billionth photo, updates apps with Retina Display support

Fotopedia, creator of some extremely eye-catching iOS apps, has just announced that it has served up its one billionth photo and have seen usage climb 470%. Downloads have exceded 9 million since it released its suite of travel apps in 2010, which feature photography from around the world.

In addition to hitting these milestones, the company has also released updates for seven of its titles with Retina Display support for the new iPad.

Here’s what CEO of Fotpedia, Jean-Marie Hullot, had to say about the new display from Apple:

The stunning Retina display on the new iPad delivers four times as many pixels, so we decided to do the same with our popular apps. The result is spectacular. Colors are significantly more intense, resulting in the most vivid photographs. If you love travel and photography, I suggest you try one of our apps on a new iPad and experience the difference for yourself.

The titles that have been updated are; Fotopedia Heritage, Paris, Japan, Wild Friends, Women of the World, North Korea, and Dreams of Burma. The best part is that they’re all free.

As we noted last year, Fotopedia is building a brand around seeing amazing photography from around the globe, while properly crediting the photographers and helping them make a name for themselves. It’s very similar to the brand of National Geographic, and the company is going all out to be the best with its latest app updates.

Along with the Retina Display support, the apps now have magazine-style feature called “Visual Stories” that allow you to learn about a place that you’d like to travel by following a story of photographs. In addition to photos, you can plan your trip, share photos, and even use them as wallpaper on your iOS device.


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