Hojoki, the newsfeed for enterprise cloud apps, integrates with Evernote, Google Reader and more

Hojoki, the newsfeed for enterprise cloud apps, integrates with Evernote, Google Reader and more

We first covered Hojoki when it launched at LeWeb back in December, and today the German startup is rolling out a bunch of new updates.

Just to recap, Hojoki is a Web app that pulls in content from a range of services, and displays them in a single, unified newsfeed, similar to FriendFeed. However, the emphasis here is cloud-based enterprise apps.

At launch, Hojoki supported the likes of Dropbox, Google Docs and Calendar, Github, Highrise and more, whilst Twitter is also integrated, though you probably wouldn’t want to use it to follow too many accounts. Instead, you can set it to monitor specific hashtags – which could be useful for events or projects.

Supported services can be accessed directly from a newsfeed which can also be shared between a number of team members. The feed updates whenever someone in the team updates or creates a new file, or any other action.


From today, Hojoki is rolling out five new integrations, with Evernote, Google Reader, CloudApp, Mendeley and Google Contacts, taking a step closer to providing a pretty extensive newsfeed for your enterprise apps. “We’re on a journey to build a complete social collaboration suite on top of your newsfeed,” says Martin Böhringer, co-founder & CEO of Hojoki.

The story so far? Well, you can create private workspaces and add people or content to the discussion, whilst you can also share content from Google Reader, Evernote, Delicious and others with workspaces based on tags and other criteria.

Hojoki remains in open public beta, during which time the entire service will be free for all, though it says there will always be a free plan even after it sheds its beta tags.

Meanwhile, check out our video interview with Böhringer at LeWeb below.


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