Errand running service Exec launches company accounts to offer employee perks

Errand running service Exec launches company accounts to offer employee perks

We first told you about Justin Kan’s new errand running service for professionals called Exec last month, and the feedback it has gotten in San Francisco so far has led it to create company accounts.

The service, which has a flat $25/hour fee for errands of all types, promises to match you up with one of its “Execs” within 10 minutes of posting your request. Your needs could be anything from picking up lunch for the office or putting together IKEA furniture.

Exec for companies allows startup founders to create an account and assign it credits for tasks, which will allow employees to handle the assigning of things that they’d rather not do. Here’s how Exec describes the service:

If you’re a startup founder, company HR department or business owner, you can now give access to a set amount of Exec credit to your employees every month, enabling them to use Exec for company business or as a perk to save their valuable time.

The idea of giving an on-demand “personal assistant” to your employees as a perk is a really neat idea, and will definitely be attractive to potential employees as well as appreciated by current ones. The service is perfect for startups who can’t afford to hire a full-time office manager.

The prepaid credits roll over every month, so your company doesn’t have to worry about using all of the time that you’ve given them for Exec.

As we pointed out when the service launched, it’s very reminiscent of Uber in the sense that it’s aimed at professionals who don’t mind paying extra for comfort and convenience. Its iOS app is also very streamlined and professional like Uber’s. The service plans to expand outside of San Francisco soon and will most likely follow the path that Uber took, which includes New York City, Seattle, and Los Angeles.

Exec for companies

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