Angry Birds Space unseats Draw Something as top grossing app on the App Store

Angry Birds Space unseats Draw Something as top grossing app on the App Store

In less than 5 days, Angry Birds Space has done some amazing things when it comes to moving units. Earlier, we reported that the much anticipated game had been downloaded over 10M times in its first 3 days alone.

Along with that milestone, the app has also climbed the charts to become the #1 grossing app on Apple’s App Store. That title was previously held by OMGPOP’s “Draw Something“, which was the major catalyst behind Zynga purchasing the company last week.

Draw Something held the top spot for quite some time, and actually has both its paid and free titles listed as top grossing since it makes a bulk of its money from in-app sales.

Rovio has made itself an absolute money-making machine with the Angry Birds series, and there’s no signs of slowing down. Not only are their games highly addictive, but when it comes to marketing, the company is second to none.

It was reported in November of last year that Zynga had attempted to purchase Rovio for $2.25B, and now we can clearly see why. While Rovio made quite a few games before Angry Birds but hasn’t since. Once it does it will be a clear competitor and threat to Zynga’s social gaming kingdom.

I bet that OMGPOP was glad that Angry Birds Space launched after its sale went through, as the top grossing spot might have become a bargaining chip to bring down its price.

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