Add style to your social media activity by making it look Glossi [Invites]

Add style to your social media activity by making it look Glossi [Invites]

Pulling in your own material from various and assorted social media accounts is not a new concept, but how can you present them in a way that is as sophisticated as the activities you pursue?

Glossi is here to save you and make your mixed time lines presentable and engaging. With an eye for good design and how to make the best of your tweets, photos and more, it’s an app you might like to conisder if you are hoping to show off your activities to others.

We took a look at Glossi just after it launched last year. Now, with 2000 beta users it has grown to fit the audience and is ready to take on more in order to iterate. The service has been adding to its list of available feeds and feels more rounded for that change.

Dan Goldin is the technical co-founder of Glossi, he says, “We’ve made a bunch of progress since we launched. We’ve added Google+ and RSS support as well as come up with a more complete profile. We’re currently working on providing different themes and more customization.”

The gentle progress of Glossi is refreshing in an arena that is often in a rush to iterate and refresh. The team appears to take on board the advice of users and note their habits in order to refine it properly and scale at a decent rate. Goldin notes, “We’re finding that our users like browsing other people’s profiles so we’re going to make that a bit easier to do to help people find users with similar interests.”

Glossi looks very much as though it will be a great place for users to try a little more controlled curation. In the way that Pinterest incredibly easy to use, Glossi also offers a smooth experience and both make a great show of what you have to share.

I am particularly fond of the tiny timeline that runs along the bottom of the screen. As someone who struggles with searches for my own stuff in Facebook, I think this is a clear and friendly way of making it all much easier to use and discover.

“Although there are other aggregators, we want to make it as simple as possible to get all your data in one place and make it look great – even if you only have tweets we will look at the links and extract the content from there,” says Goldin.

As Glossi grows, I think the magic will be in the users and how they choose to manage the types of information they import. When new ideas like this grow it’s often the customers who surprise themselves and maybe even the owners.

If you want to see what you look like in Glossi magazine format, the company has kindly provided 500 beta invites to give The Next Web readers a head start. Go and see what you can make of your page there and come and tell us about it in comments.

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