What does it mean to love something on the Internet?

What does it mean to love something on the Internet?

Fish: A Tap Essay, is an intriguing free app for the iPhone that asks an important question: “What does it mean to love something on the Internet?”

With all the ramped liking and fave-ing and thumbs-ups going around these days, these gestures have become all but meaningless. When you like something, you’re broadcasting your interests and also letting others know that something is worth their time. But then, you move onto something else, never to return…

This is why the author, Robin Sloan, proposes we take our liking a step further. From the author:

This is an essay about the difference between LIKING something on the internet and LOVING something on the internet.

It’s also an experiment in a new format, entirely native to the iPhone. This is a TAP ESSAY, unfurling its argument tap by tap, using bold typography, bright color, and a few surprises to make its case.

The essay takes about 10 minutes to read, maybe less if you’re fast. It’s perfect for a coffee break or a train ride.

If you’re:

+ someone who’s frustrated with the endless flood of internet content—the likes and faves that spark and fade through Facebook, Twitter, and all the rest every day, day after day

+ fascinated by the internet, but often left feeling a little flat or empty


+ intrigued by the storytelling potential of the iPhone

then this essay is for you.

I’m afraid that if I provide too much detail, I’ll ruin the experience for you. It’s a captivating essay; simplistic, yet somehow entirely fresh and inspiring.

After you’ve read it, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

➤  Fish: A Tap Essay, via the App Store

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