ZooZ exits beta, bringing 3-line simplicity to mobile payments for iOS and Android

ZooZ exits beta, bringing 3-line simplicity to mobile payments for iOS and Android

For developers, the move from free to paid is often a hard road to walk. The middle ground, and increasingly one that we’re seeing used by both free and paid apps alike, is in-app purchases. For both iOS and Android devs, there’s a new option in ZooZ.

ZooZ is a Tel Aviv-based company that landed $1.5 million in funding late last year to roll out its in-app mobile payments SDK. After a six-month beta period, the company has brought its three-line SDK to the market with what it promises to be an easier and faster mobile check-out experience.

The company claims to have the “best rates in the industry”, at 2.8% plus $0.19 per transaction, and touts availability in 150 countries around the world. In a market that’s expected to top $10 billion by 2013, competition is going to be key.

Of course the market is heating up quickly, too. There are offerings from Google that were hotly-awaited, and other upstarts like Text2Pay. Google has had some issues with its service, though, and having a single service for both Android and iOS could be compelling.

That’s where ZooZ is hoping to make the difference. The service allows users to not only check out through ZooZ as the credit card acceptance, but it also supports PayPal payments without additional fees. CEO Oren Levy says that the company is looking to bring eWallet payments to the system as well, but chances are that we’ll need to see wider adoption of platforms before that happens.

Payouts for ZooZ-using developers can happen via a bank draft, PayPal or with a dedicated MasterCard, which should make it easy to get the cash that the developers so sorely need. So devs, if you’re considering in-app payments, give ZooZ a look and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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