Onswipe launches real-time touch analytics for publishers & it’s awesome

Onswipe launches real-time touch analytics for publishers & it’s awesome

Born out of TechStarsOnswipe makes it easy for any publisher, from a new blogger to the NY Times, to transform their content into an immersive experience on the iPad. It delivers a beautiful, app-like experience on the web that’s completely built for the tablet.

Since this year’s release of Onswipe 2.0, a unifying content network and a fresh UI, the NYC-based startup has been hard at work on something that is sure to blow its publishers away. Launching today, Onswipe now packs real-time touch analytics, allowing media partners to see every pinch, tap and swipe the moment it happens.

Onswipe told TNW:

Publishers can see how their readers across the globe are interacting with their content in real time[, and] will be able to see over 40 gesture interactions their readers are performing in real time. [This includes] rotating an iPad, swiping to an article, pinching to close an article, tapping to share a piece of content, and more.

Along with the release, Onswipe is launching community networks, which will allow publishers to join individual communities based on the type of content they publish.

Onswipe explains that it has never seen itself as “a bridge technology that makes tablet friendly sites, but as a networked platform of publishers.” All in all, these new features continue to push the company in that direction.

If there wasn’t already enough to process, the company has also upgraded its Pinterest integration, and now allows publishers to bring in their Pinterest feed into their Onswipe publication. Sharing to Pinterest (see below) is now also easier than ever.

With the tablet boom holding strong, device-specific analytics sheds light on how users interact with content like never before. This is exactly why it’s so important for Onswipe jump on this, adding yet another feature to bolster its growing network.

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