Instapaper 4.1 released with Retina support, 6 gorgeous new fonts and ‘twilight’ mode

Instapaper 4.1 released with Retina support, 6 gorgeous new fonts and ‘twilight’ mode

An update to popular read later service Instapaper has been fast tracked in order to bring Retina support to its users. The new version, 4.1, has a nice set of new features including some brilliant new fonts.

The update was finished on an aggressive schedule after developer Marco Arment realized that he would have to build and submit the app using Apple’s newest tools in order to make it compatible with the new iPad’s Retina display. He submitted the app just yesterday and Apple approved the app today. This has been the case for many popular apps as Apple attempts to give new iPad owners the true ‘Retina’ experience.

I’ve been using the new version and I can tell you that the new choice of fonts is fantastic. They’re very nice choices that should give any Instapaper user a good selection to choose from. Not too many, not too few, just the right flavors.

You’ll also notice that the ‘something to read’ section has been renamed to ‘The Feature’. The contents haven’t changed though, so head there for a hand picked selection of articles if your Instapaper queue isn’t as full as you’d like.

Six very nice new fonts are available in total. My favorite so far is Proxima Nova:

  • Elena
  • Lyon Text
  • FF Tisa
  • H&FJ Ideal Sans
  • FF Meta
  • Proxima Nova

There are some nice new features as well:

  • Full-screen mode for distraction-free reading.
  • Twilight Sepia: the sunset-based Automatic Dark Mode can now slightly tint the screen with a sepia tone during twilight hours before going to Dark Mode.
  • New gestures to exit an article and return to the list: swiping to the right when pagination is inactive, or paging beyond the top or bottom when using pagination.
  • Retina graphics for new iPad.
  • Many small bug fixes and improvements.

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