Social magazine NewsMix just became the best way to keep up with themed lists from Pinterest

Social magazine NewsMix just became the best way to keep up with themed lists from Pinterest

NewsMix, the iPad and Web social magazine which makes it easy to keep up with news from Facebook and Twitter, has just updated its features, integrating a new and significant source.

NewsMix users can now take advantage of two new Pinterest-related features – pinning items to Pinterest directly from NewsMix, but more importantly, using Pinterest as a source of information. NewsMix users can now add Pinterest users, or their individual boards, to their sources of content.

That means that in the midst of interesting articles, posts and tweets, NewsMix has now become a beautiful way to browse Pinterest, whether on the iOS app, or on the HTML5 powered website itself.

Giving users the ability to add individual boards opens up an entirely new way to keep up with Pinterest. Maybe you’d like to follow a list of all of the iPhone homescreen photos shared on Pinterest, or create a list of gorgeous workspaces. NewsMix’s latest update really kicks Pinterest’s usefulness up a notch, since you can now browse the social network by topic rather than by following users, or even their individual boards.

The new feature is yet another way in which NewsMix has beat Flipboard to the punch. First, NewsMix brought its service to a web-based audience and to a Facebook audience, both moves Flipboard has yet to do.

In fact, Swiss startup Sobees, which is behind the multi-platform app, seems to be doing everything it can to distance itself from the Flipboard label, and is doing a pretty good job of it.

In December, NewsMix saw a major overhaul of its features, in which it brought the concept of playlists to the way that its users can consume information, by allowing them to create and subscribe to themed ‘channels’.

Pinterest integration brings NewsMix a hattrick of features that really makes the service stand out from the crowd.

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