Six months and 50 million hits later, Draw A Stickman unleashes “Episode 2”

Six months and 50 million hits later, Draw A Stickman unleashes “Episode 2”

In January we told you about a really cool, and extremely addictive, game called “Draw A Stickman“. Whether you’re an artist or not, the game lets you draw stick-people and items in the game and then animates them for you.

The company behind the game, Hitcents, has told The Next Web that the first version of the game was a massive success, grabbing 50M views in just six months. That’s pretty cool for something that was built to showcase the design firm’s expertise.

Instead of resting on its laurels, Hitcents decided to create a brand new adventure for your stickman or woman in what it’s calling “Episode 2”.

The first time around you had to navigate your stickperson around a crazy dragon and in Episode 2, you’ll be faced with a tiger chase, and a flying elevator:

I don’t want to completely ruin it for you, but this version of Draw a Stickman is pretty awesome and goes well beyond just drawing a key to unlock a door like you had to in Episode 1:

This is a perfect example of a genius idea that went viral, but fortunately for us the team behind it isn’t done with the adventure yet. Go draw some stuff and take on that tiger!

Draw a Stickman

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