Video sharing app Klip comes out swinging with a brand new design for version 3.0

Video sharing app Klip comes out swinging with a brand new design for version 3.0

The video sharing app Klip launched its first version last September and turned a few heads with its Microsoft Metro-style designed menu. The app appeals to a younger audience much like Viddy does, which we’ve called the Instagram for video. Since shooting video is a prominent feature of the iPhone, quite a few of these apps have popped up.

Klip got off to a fast start, getting 1M downloads in its first 100 days on Apple’s app store. Since the launch, the team has gone back to drawing board on the app’s look and feature-set. I have to say that version 3.0 is a pretty impressive refresh.

To help differentiate itself, Klip has increased the video recording time to 3 minutes, where Viddy only allows 15 second clips to be uploaded to its service. Along with the time-limit increase, 7 real-time video effects and camera zoom have been added.

Point and shoot

Without a doubt, video is one of the most personal ways to communicate with people. With the rise of YouTube, there has been a niche of smaller video communities seeing decent success since sharing your thoughts with the world isn’t the most personal thing you can do.

Klip allows you to share videos with everyone or with your “circles”, taking a page out of the approach that Google+ has taken to sharing. The app is drop-dead gorgeous and interestingly lets you pause and resume your video before uploading it which is neat if you want to shoot a multi-location montage.

Once you open the app and log in using your Twitter or Facebook account you’ll be presented with a familiar set of options in media-sharing apps; popular, latest, week, all-time. Showing popular videos from the entire week and all-time are nice features that I’d actually love to see more prominent on one of my favorite photo-sharing apps Instagram. It’s really well done and loads really fast.

Shooting a video is super simple, just tap the record button that’s featured in the middle of the bottom navigation. Before you start recording, you can choose from one of Klip’s 7 real-time video effects like Charleston, Super 8, and Zenith. Before you hit the record button you can get a preview of what your video will look like:

Showing off a new dedication to design, Klip lets you hold your finger on a video to see a quick preview of it before you open it up to a larger size and view it. It’s a really nice touch that shows a positive direction for an app that’s in an extremely crowded space.

To be successful, Klip is going to have to keep the new filters coming and create at least one more standout feature since Viddy is doing a phenomenal job marketing itself and leveraging huge partnerships with the likes of Linkin Park and T-Pain. This latest refresh is definitely a step in the right direction and new entrants into video sharing should take heed.

Klip 3.0 for iOS

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