Publicate: Think of it as the portfolio for all of your creative content

Publicate: Think of it as the portfolio for all of your creative content

South by Southwest. It’s undoubtedly one of the largest technology gatherings in the United States, full of promising young startups hoping to make a name for themselves. But little did I know that I’d be sharing a house with a guy named Chris Bradley who has developed one of the coolest things I’ve seen so far. It’s called Publicate, and you can think of it as a CV for all of your creative work.

Like many great projects, Publicate was built in order to scratch an itch by the developer. Bradley was looking for a way to display all of the creative elements that he had put together but found that there wasn’t really a good way to do it other than developing a site that would host it. Being certain that he was far from alone in this problem, Publicate was born.

Heading to a Publicate page, you’ll see what the owner has collected, including articles, photos, videos, audio and documents. As these individual items grow, Publicate allows the creator to group them into Collections, which can be continually modified. Individual pieces can also be applied to different collections, so that there’s no need to double the single-item content.

We talked a bit about the individual features of Publicate, as well as plans for the future. Right now, Publicate gives content creators the ability to pull in content from a myriad of networks, including YouTube, Vimeo and Web-based slide deck apps. What’s probably most powerful, however, is that ability to create Collections. While the individual pieces are important, the Collections enable the reator to tell the story that needs to be heard.

I got a walkthrough of the service from Bradley and I though you’d like to see it. Rather than transcribe the whole thing, just take a few minutes to check out the video:

As for the future of Publicate? There’s much more in the works. In fact, what’s released as of today is a highly-functional public Alpha, so you can expect some big changes as time goes on and feedback is collected. We talked a bit about integrating design-specific sites such as Dribbble, possible ways that the site can monetize and what Bradley wants to do with the service for the long haul. For right now, it’s simply one of the most polished Alpha releases I’ve ever seen — so polished, in fact, that it served as the home for the 2012 Founder Awards —  and it holds the potential to be the go-to destination for creative CVs on the Internet.

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