Try this: Austin Party Guide – SXSW Edition iPhone app

Try this: Austin Party Guide – SXSW Edition iPhone app

I am drowning in a sea of emails- party invites, meeting requests and panel reminders, and at the same time trying to get work done and ensure that I’ll have keys to the apartment in which I’m paying $1,000 for a twin bed in Texas for 5 nights.

It must be time for SXSW! It’s a shit storm– and a super fun one at that. Thankfully, in between recharges, our iPhones double as trusty personal assistants, pointing the way to the party and beeping when it’s time to prepare for a panel.

When you’re in need of a brew or a bite of BBQ, one app that we’d like to recommend is the Austin Party Guide- SXSW Edition iPhone app. The app contains information for over 250 parties and 100 venues including locations and descriptions, geotagged and organized by date and type.

The app also includes video and photo footage from around Austin, as well as a wall where festival goers can communicate and share photos through an in-app social network. If you download and use the app, be sure to add your party profile, so others can find you around Austin.

You can check into a venue using the app, but unfortunately checkins can only be pushed to Facebook and Twitter. “Nobody should miss the party with this app,” says its creator Viktor Marohnić, the co-founder and CEO of ShoutEm, an easy mobile app maker from Croatia.

For this app, ShoutEm has partnered with Gary from Gary’s Guide to put together a special list for SXSW. The ShoutEm app also features all of the NYC startup parties in a special section.

“It takes us less than an hour to put up an app like this and that is the core value of our business model,” says Marohnić. “Practically anyone can build the app like this in no time.” Instead of paying $50K for development, why not do it for $29/month?

Make sure that you stop by the ShoutEm booth at SXSW since they’ll have 1,800 Croatian chocolates to give away.

➤ Austin Party Guide- SXSW Edition

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