If you want all of your Google searches tweeted automatically, this app is for you

If you want all of your Google searches tweeted automatically, this app is for you

Since privacy is going out of the window left and right with apps like Highlight giving up your location in real-time, why not tell the world what you’re Googling, as you Google it?

An app created at Angelhack SF by developer Darren Nix will let you do just that. It’s a Chrome extension called OverShareMe, and as the name suggests, if you install it you might just become the biggest oversharer in the history of the Internet.

I’m all for sharing a lot about myself, more than most, but what I search for on Google is something I hold onto very closely. I use Google at least fifty times a day to source stories, dig for more info, and find things to do in the evening. It’s not a stream of consciousness that I necessarily want to share with people on Twitter. You might feel differently though, so try it at your own risk.

When you install the app for Chrome, you can set a hashtag for your searches to be sent out to the world via the app’s Twitter account, @PlzOverShareMe. Luckily the app doesn’t tweet out to your followers, although I’m sure it’s something that could come next. In addition to your searches being tweeted by the app, they will be shown on the site as well:

Reading what other people search for on Google is definitely interesting, but if you install this app don’t forget that you have it on. The site suggests that installing it on the computer of someone that you know might be a rad prank, but I certainly don’t suggest doing that.

OverShareMe is an interesting hack and a concept that flies in the face of everything Google is doing with its new privacy policy, but if you want your history of searches shared with the world then this is the way to do it. It’s somewhat anonymous too, since you don’t have to share your name or anything with your searches. I’ll stick with keeping what I Google private for now, though.


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