Planned Parenthood would like you to “check-in” using your condom

Planned Parenthood would like you to “check-in” using your condom

The geolocation craze has definitely gotten out of control these days. No longer is checking into someone’s lap or setting up your dog’s spot on the couch as a venue on foursquare a funny joke, it’s commonplace. People are crazy about letting all of their friends know where they are at all times.

According to RightThisMInute, Planned Parenthood gave out sixty thousand condoms with QR codes that lead you to a new and interesting site which asks you to check-in with information about how and where the condom was used.

Yeah, that’s not creepy at all!

What Planned Parenthood is trying to do with the “Where Did You Wear It?” campaign is to make it cool to talk about using a condom, which is of course the smart way to have sex. Even if you didn’t receive one of the coded condoms, you can check-in with all of the juicy details from last night’s (safe) romp.

The site promises to keep your information private and only shows the general location of where the event took place. Once you’ve submitted the deed, it’s dropped onto a map with all of the others, where people who are creepy interested can peruse all of the safe sex stories.

This promotion does exactly what it set out to do; grab your attention and shock you into learning a thing or two about safe sex, which is admirable. While I doubt this site will be around for too long, it does lead me to wonder if someone will create a similar service specifically for sexually charged check-ins. Stranger things have happened.

Where Did You Wear It?

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