Edit App is a visual reader for browsing news & publishing stories right to your blog

Edit App is a visual reader for browsing news & publishing stories right to your blog

We’re huge fans of developers that cross boundaries and break the mold, which is exactly why TNW covers so many experimental apps. The community behind openFrameworks is one such example, and its innovative creation brings together art, design and technology.

openFrameworks’s own curator, the Creative Applications Network, premieres much of the best work happening in this genre of development, and now the network has released an app that provides a new method of consuming and sharing news.

Edit App is a free news reader that simplifies your RSS feed by turning it into a “visual magazine.” You’re left with a flowing feed of images, and you can swipe from left to right to be taken straight to the original blog post. It’s a great way to quickly consume news, leaving photographs to guide and capture our interest.

But while a visual reader (integrated with Google Reader) sounds convenient, Edit App has one extra trick up its sleeve: The app lets you bookmark any page by tapping the screen, and doing so creates a feed that you can easily integrate, theme or style on your own site. In other words, your feed can transform into your own blog.

So there you have it: Edit App is visual news reader allowing you to browse your RSS feeds, save stories for later and push them right to your personal blog.

➤  Edit App, via the App Store (free)

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