TaT’s PlayBook wireless document-sharing app, you could say it’s astonishing [Video]

TaT’s PlayBook wireless document-sharing app, you could say it’s astonishing [Video]

Having spent a lot of time at the booths of various mobile vendors here at MWC, we have seen plenty of devices, but not much in the way of cool software. We just spent some time at RIM’s stand and saw some pretty cool developments from the The Astonishing Tribe team within the company.

Canadian smartphone maker RIM acquired Swedish design company The Astonishing Tribe (TaT) back in December 2010, but since then we haven’t really heard how the team is working within the company to develop apps and help bring new innovations to its BlackBerry range.

Debuting a scrapbook app last year, TaT has returned this year with a new prototype, one that shows a document-sharing app for the BlackBerry PlayBook that utilises a camera and embedded connection technologies to share presentations by swiping them back and forth between other PlayBook’s in its vicinity.

It’s probably better you watch the video, rather that let us explain it:

Documents can be shared between two PlayBooks wirelessly, but it uses a camera mounted above the demonstration table to detect how close the tablets are to each other.

The prototype is PlayBook-only at the moment, we asked for further plans but were met with a “no comment.” Who knows if it will ever see the light of day.

Given that RIM isn’t launching any new devices at MWC and maybe not for another few months, it’s good to see the company showing what its products might be able to do.

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