Onavo Extend launches on Android 4.0, cutting data consumption by up to 80%

Onavo Extend launches on Android 4.0, cutting data consumption by up to 80%

We’re big fans of Onavo here at The Next Web, the company launched its iOS app at The Next Web Conference in 2011, cutting the data consumption by up to 80% on the iPhone.

After launching data monitors, to show you which apps on your Android device were consuming mobile data, Onavo today took the wraps of its new data crunching app — Onavo Extend — at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, to provide Android device owners with a way to lower their data bills without changing their tariff.

Onavo Extend was made possible by Google’s Android team, which included new features in the Android OS that allowed Onavo to utilise new image compression capabilities and interact with the core system on such a device.

It uses Google’s brand new WebP image format to slash the file size of web images without compromising on quality, working on its remote servers to deliver content without processing it on your device.

Making it available on both smartphones and tablets, Onavo has tuned the user interface to display differently across the different device sizes, allowing you to see your data savings in realtime using simple statistics and beautifully designed graphs.

The app is perfect for Android users on a budget but also people who are travelling and want to keep their data consumption to a minimum. Given the restrictions by carriers on data allowances, Onavo Extend skims the data coming into your phone, helping you stay under your limit.

Simply download and install the app and you are good to go.

We took the chance to speak to Onavo CEO Guy Rosen to get an overview of the app, it is embedded below:

Onavo Extend

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