You can now search Exchange lightning-fast with CloudMagic’s mobile app

You can now search Exchange lightning-fast with CloudMagic’s mobile app

If you’ve ever tried, and failed, to do a search for old messages in your iOS or Android email client, then CloudMagic is probably going to blow your mind. The free app started as a handy browser extension to make searching incredibly fast for Gmail and Google Apps accounts. It then came to mobile and added Twitter search.

But what’s the next step? According to co-founder Rohit Nadhani, the team knew that it was time to delve into the enterprise, so it took on the challenge of tackling blazing-fast search for Microsoft Exchange.

Stats from Pingdom tell us that Microsoft Outlook (the primary desktop client for Exchange) is the #1 client globally, with over 27% of the world using the app. Nadhani then points to the fact that business for Exchange grew double-digits in the past year.

“While Gmail is cool and sexy, a vast majority of the businesses continue to run on Exchange.”

And so, like any great company, CloudMagic went where the business was. The new version of CloudMagic (for Android or iOS) has the ability to do near-instant search on Microsoft Exchange and Office 365 Exchange accounts.

It’s still the same simple, beautiful interface that CloudMagic has had for a while, but now you’ll see the option to add an Exchange account at the bottom of your screen. Once you do, CloudMagic goes to work to provide you a powerful index of your entire email history.

CloudMagic is also a simple email client. Once you’ve done your search, you can choose to reply or reply all, directly from the app. But what’s really impressive about how CloudMagic operates is what you’ll see when you use the “Everything” option of search. You’ll see past emails, collaborated documents, tweets and much more. In short, literally everything that the app covers will show up in a single, head-spinningly-fast search.

CloudMagic is not without competition in the market. Newly-released Smartr Contacts does much of the same, while providing you with a timeline of all interactions that you’ve had with a stored contact. But the lack of Exchange support and a focus solely on email narrows its scope of use somewhat.

Given that CloudMagic is a free app, it’s definitely worth a couple minutes of your time to check out. I’ve just installed the new version less than a day ago and I’m already hooked. It’s everything that your mobile device’s built-in search should be able to do, but can’t.

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