Want to tell your iPhone which movie you want to watch? With Dragon Go! & Hulu Plus, you can

Want to tell your iPhone which movie you want to watch? With Dragon Go! & Hulu Plus, you can

Dragon Go!, the mobile app which uses voice recognition to make it easier than ever to perform a search on your phone, has just added another item to its arsenal of tools.

Today, the iPhone version of the app announced support for Hulu, giving Hulu Plus subscribers access to their favourite TV shows and movies with a simple voice activated search.

Dragon Go! sets itself apart from other mobile search apps by taking users right to the content they’re looking for, bypassing links or extra information you don’t need.

Want to check out our Twitter account? Simply say, “The Next Web on Twitter”. Want to download The Next Web’s iPhone app? Just say “Download The Next Web”. The app comes with a handy little list of phrases that you can use to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Dragon Go! already supports more than 200 content providers, and Hulu is the latest to join the list. Last September, the app added support for Spotify, Ask.com, Wolfram|Alpha and Google+, among others.

Now with Hulu Plus support, all Dragon Go! users have to say is “Watch Modern Family”, and the Hulu app will launch, going straight to the show.

Dragon Go!’s list of supported services and sites also includes the likes of AccuWeather, Bing, Dictionary.com, ESPN, Facebook, Last.fm, Pandora, Rotten Tomatoes, Twitter and Wikipedia.

The app has been labeled a Siri alternative for Android users, and while Siri might have stolen some of Dragon Go!’s thunder on the iPhone, there are certainly a whole list of functions that Apple’s offering simply can’t do. With Dragon Go! available as a free download, there’s simply no reason not to try the app out for yourself.

Dragon Go!

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