Polling and comment startup Quipol rolls out YouTube and Vimeo support

Polling and comment startup Quipol rolls out YouTube and Vimeo support

If you haven’t noticed, polling and taking comments on the Internet is generally a drag. The systems tend to be slow, difficult to use, and hard to track. We’ve settled on LiveFyre here at TNW, but many publications are stuck on something that is stodgy at best.

That fact is why Quipol, a startup that manages both polling and commenting, has been our radar since we first heard about it. It has a fresh take on how to allow users and readers a voice. If you want to get a full overview of its features, check our earlier coverage.

We’re talking about Quipol today as it has just rolled out support for both YouTube and Vimeo video clips. Essentially, you can now build a Quipo (a ‘quick poll’) around a piece of video content. This expands how Quipol can be used, and even more, grows the places where Quipols can be placed.

We talked to Quipol founder Max Yoder about the feature, and he said that upgrade was long in coming: “Video’s been on the roadmap since the beginning, people have been asking for it since day one, and it’s just a great way to easily convey depth, context, and emotion. In my head, a picture’s worth a thousand words, and a video’s worth a thousand pictures. This progression ups ante in terms of Quipol’s usability, elegance, simplicity, and that’s my focus—those are my core tenets.”

We recommend Quipol if you want a fast way to record feedback from your readers and users in a simple fashion. What we want to see next from Quipol is a revenue model. According to the firm it is working on the ability for users to broadcast actions to social platforms. It’s a good step. From our discussions, Quipol has seen modest, sustained user growth. Long live doing things in new ways.


And just for fun, here is a Quipol that we hacked up a while back:

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