Twitter updates iPhone, Android app with contact alert, swipe gestures and adds Nook, Kindle Fire devices

Twitter updates iPhone, Android app with contact alert, swipe gestures and adds Nook, Kindle Fire devices ...

Twitter has updated both of its apps for iPhone and Android, fixing bugs with the iPhone version and adding swipe-to-reveal actions to both versions. One of the biggest additions is the re-introduction of Tweetie’s swipe actions, allowing you to quickly perform several Twitter functions after a swipe on a Tweet.

This swipe gesture was one of the hallmarks of Tweetie, the app that was purchased to act as the previous Twitter for iPhone. It has been sorely missed by heavy Twitter users who perform lots of actions beyond simply reading Tweets.

There is also an update to how Twitter for iPhone and Android handle the ‘Find Friends’ feature. There is now a confirmation alert that informs users that they will be uploading contact information to Twitter’s servers when using this feature to find other users of the service.

This is likely in response to the recent hubbub surrounding many iOS and Android apps not properly disclosing that they were uploading user data.

We’ve added a confirmation alert when you select “Find friends”. This notification more clearly and explicitly messages the fact that when you upload your contacts’ email addresses and phone numbers, you can quickly find which of your friends are on Twitter (that is, if they’ve chosen to be discoverable by email or phone number).

There are also some updates that are exclusive to each version of the app. The iPhone version has returned the ability to copy and paste the text of Tweets, something that many users were missing. You can now also use the Share feature to tweet, copy, mail or read a Tweet later using your preferred service. This can also be activated by pressing and holding on a Tweet.

To select your ‘read later’ service, you can change it under the Settings>Advanced panel.

There is now a Mark all Read option for DMs — just tap the icon in the lower right corner — and the design of the Direct Messages section has been updated. Font size options have also been added.

As far as the Android version goes, it also gets the swipe actions, as well as improved scrolling and network performance. Ice Cream Sandwich compatibility and support for devices without location or camera support has also been added, along with bug fixes.

Twitter has also added additional devices to its Android flock, with the app now optomized to run on the Kindle Fire via the Amazon Appstore, as well as the Barnes & Noble Nook, which will be available February 23rd through its own store.

The Android version is available now on the Android Market, while the iOS version should be available soon, but is still propagating through the App Store.

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