EventFarm takes on Eventbrite with a major update to its mobile check-in app

EventFarm takes on Eventbrite with a major update to its mobile check-in app

EventFarm is an online ticketing and guest registration startup from DC that’s like Eventbrite on steroids. Instead of being built around a main site and templates, EventFarm is a true platform where brands get all the attention.

The company works on multiple levels within the event space and has already racked up an impressive client list since we first wrote about them as part of the emerging DC startup scene. Big clients include Facebook, Google, Conde Nast, Time Inc. and NBC Universal.

Within the event industry, EventFarm functions as a set of solutions for brands, digitally handling the registration, email invites, seat inventory and so on. Not too long ago, the company released its mobile check-in app and now the startup has just released a major update, with the ability to purchase tickets right from the app. From here on out, EventFarm is taking on the likes of Eventbrite and even Ticketmaster.

The new release allows events of all types to sell tickets at the door.  It’s available for both iOS and Android Devices using ROAM Data‘s encrypted swipe technology to process credit card payments and track cash transactions.

Like all of the startup’s products, everything on the app is fully customizable, letting you even hone in on the subtle details of how the check-in app actually looks to your guests. For the perfectionist or even anyone who simply doesn’t like giving some other brand all the attention, this is the app for you.

In comparison, eVite and Eventbrite put themselves front and center. There’s nothing wrong with this at all, but for costly and significant events, the odds are you need a solution that features you first. In the slightly more high end space, there really aren’t any other tech startups pulling this off.

If you’re thinking of hosting an event in the future, check out the app via the link below. You can use this app separately for feee or as a part of the entire platform — it all depends on you and what you prefer.

➤  Eventfarm via the App Store and the Android Market

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