Meet WallaBee, a nifty location-based item collecting iPhone game

Meet WallaBee, a nifty location-based item collecting iPhone game

WallaBee is a brand new digital collectibles game for the iPhone (iTunes link) with a geo-location twist, made by the talented Ben Dodson Apps team, and it would be YOUR LOSS if you do not check it out immediately.

In all seriousness, WallaBee is a pretty innovative and beautiful iPhone game, described by Dodson himself as a mashup between the original Gowalla iOS app (at least the item game part of it), the PackRat game on Facebook, Pokémon, and baseball card trading. Ok, maybe it’s best if you just download it :)

Developed over the past 6 months and after years of planning, the aim of the game is basically to complete sets by collecting digital items – or icons – in a variety of ways. Items can be found all over the world (the underlying location database has about 2 million records in it) or bought from a dedicated story using ‘honeycombs’, the geo-game’s virtual currency.

The app is complete free to play if you want it to be, though, and takes the whole ‘checking in at a location’ process to a whole new, fun dimension.

Some of the items you can collect include a Skateboard, Teddy Bear, Nerd Glasses, Bearded Lady (don’t ask), Clown Car and of course plenty more.

You can find out more about the game, and some background, right here.

Ben Dodson Apps, which is based in the UK, has also built API(s) for developers to start tinkering with. The app developer is also behind the popular Highlights app (iTunes link), hence the extensive places database for WallaBee.


Screenshots galore!

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