Newsy’s updated iPad app now let you watch news videos offline

Newsy’s updated iPad app now let you watch news videos offline

The video news service Newsy has updated its free iPad and iPhone apps and launched on the Kindle Fire, the company has announced.

As you may know if you were familiar with previous versions of the app, Newsy provides short videos on the latest current news, organized by categories, from Sports to Tech.

While the videos are of professional quality, you can also read a transcript if you don’t have the patience to listen to the anchors.

Beyond standard features, such as sharing content via Twitter and Facebook, the app also lets you add videos to a queue and watch them in bulk – a lean back experience which is well suited for tablets.

Besides tablets, you can also watch content on your big screen thanks to what the startup describes as “enhanced Airplay features”.

According to the company, the fact that its iPad app now lets you watch these offline is a huge differential compared to similar apps. However, you will have to plan your media menu in advance. Once you get offline, you will only be able to access content you previously added to your queue, probably to avoid unnecessary data downloads.

Overall, the iPad app is well designed and easy to use. While we didn’t have a chance to test the iPhone and Kindle versions yet, they should provide the same experience level, if the company is to be believed. “We are committed to delivering users the best in videos news regardless of the device they are on,” says Newsy’s president Jim Spencer.

Newsy, via the App Store and other platforms

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